The Organization

Talaash Association is a non-profit humanitarian organization working against all forms of violence against women and children and for the welfare and protection of their Human Rights. The Association was founded in 2013. Its vision is to “establish a society free from discrimination, exploitation, injustice and poverty; where every child and woman can live with dignity and their human rights are respected and protected”

The MISSION of the organization is as follows;

  • To establish and strengthen a partnership with Government., National-International Development Agencies and Corporate Bodies to bring large scale sustainable positive changes and to mitigate issues of political, social and economic vulnerability;
  • To empower socially, politically and economically marginalized women and children.

Core Values

The organizational core values are upon the word-spark “NIMTEER” and the full abbreviation is written down.

N – Need to
I   – Integrate your
M – Motives in
T – Transparency,  Tactical manner to achieve
E  – Eagerly and
E  – Earnestly to
R  – Reform  society 


The organization closely works with Government, National-International development agencies and Corporate Bodies in partnership within the areas, where exist exploitation, social injustice, harassment against any child and woman. Talaash also works to support, share the pain of, and address the need of every child & woman and be the voice for changing survivors’ life and contributing to the promotion & protection of women and children rights through advocacy, prevention, protection, prosecution, partnership and integration rights-based approach. This multifaceted approach aims to take the victim from a state of victimization to integrating them as productive members of society .Along the way awareness and advocacy programs need to be conducted to raise the awareness of general public to the plight of the victims.

To meet its vision and call to mission, Talaash Association carries out its core activities through 5 components. These are as follows;

  1. Woman and Child Protection: Establishing and upholding rights of women & children in identifying locations of abuse, rescue/release from these confinements, rehabilitation and repatriation of survivors of all forms of violence against women & children. This is achieved by providing legal aid, family arbitration, psychosocial counselling and capacity building programs and ensuring basic education, nutrition and prevention of diseases.
  2. Advocacy, Research & Communication: Initiating research on various issues related to women and children i.e. discrimination, harassment, injustice, abuse, sexual violence, rape, human trafficking and child labour. We establish and create databases and networks of National as well as International parties interested in similar core ideals. Advocacy and lobbying from grass root level to policy makers level through meetings, workshops, IEC material and media both press & electronic media. Sensitize media persons and disseminate relevant information for creating mass awareness on the issues of violence against women and children. Observing and celebrating special days of women and children.
  3. Emergency Response: Responding to natural disasters, complex emergencies and to the special needs of woman and children in crisis, helping and supporting them in resettlement and development.
  4. Training & Skill Development: Conducting training, workshops, and dialogue for multi-level stakeholders who are involved in ensuring women & child protection. Talaash Association is carrying out skill development programs, educating and empowering survivors for their sustainable resettlement and merging them into mainstreaming society.

5. Resettlement: Providing shelter support, psychosocial support, livelihood support, linkage to formal & non-formal education, vocational training and job placement, formation community based network; care community for the sustainable reintegration and rehabilitation of survivors.