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TALAASH welcomes all the socially-engaged volunteers, activists, and young professionals to raise awareness and to become an advocate for the elimination of violence against women and children in India. You can use your skills and talents, your social networks, as well as your passion for this cause and conduct events, campaigns and activities at grass-root to policy making level.

Rape, Domestic violence, Abuse, victims of Trafficking in Persons, Child Labours, Harassment, Missing, Kidnap, Exploitation, however all forms of violence against women and children are coved in daily newspaper  headlines, features and top news. This is not all drama, it is happing every-day, everywhere or maybe you know a victim will be next-statistic. So be ready to take action immediately. Raise your voice and claim your Rights and the rights of those around you.

We believe, if you raise your voice and with the right shifts in perception, belief, laws, economy and commitment towards violence against women and children can be eliminated form our lives. Every action counts. What can you do?

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