Psychosocial & Legal Counselling Centre (PLCC)

Talaash Association delivers psychosocial & legal counselling services as receive complains, psychosocial counselling, legal counselling, fact findings, mediation/arbitration, rescue, provide legal aid, crisis intervention periodic support and shelter support.

  • How you can get our Assistance?

    Call for appointment at +81 41220735 Or Walk in PLCC at #171, Pandurnaga Nagara, 1st Cross, Off B. G Road, Bengaluru-560076 In between hours: 06:00PM to 8:00PM
  • How we will assist you?

    Talaash PLCC is a group of professional counsellors & legal practitioner. We assist community members especially those who are in need of psychosocial & legal counselling. Living our daily life, we came across many problems in life related to family, relationships, lifestyle, parenting, work and self-improvement. Conflict, controversy, work stress causes “vulnerability” when we are in vulnerable situation means we are in need of assistance of a third party, those who tackle it carefully and make us walk to a new era or start a new life. We make you understand the causes of your vulnerability, stand by you to empower you to cope up the situation and enable you to claim your rights for legal dispute, remedies and transform you to start a new life. We are happy to assist you and we never disclose the identity of yours.
  • Are there any fees to get services?

    No, there are no fees to get services but we ask nominal donation of 200/- Rs. or more than any amount, depends on how much you want to contribute for Talaash Association.
  • Understanding of psychosocial counselling

    We all face problems in life. Sometimes they can be overwhelming such that they disturb us and affect our daily life activities. There are times in our lives when many of us feel unable to cope up the situation and feel; • Anxious or depressed? • Stressed at work? • Carrying responsibilities too great to bear? • Recovering from a broken relationship? • Suffering grief or loss? • Feeling inadequate or lacking in confidence? • Wanting to come to terms with painful experiences of the past • Living with change?
  • Need of Counselling

    Counselling is a process by which people of all ages are helped to gain fresh insight, to have a different perspective and to find motivation. Over a series of one-to-one sessions in a confidential and supportive setting, counselling can help you make changes in your life. Counselling facilitates the sharing of thoughts and feelings. It aids the process of empowering people to discover their own answers, and to feel more in control of their own life and relationships. • Counselling can be a great relief and source of strength in:- • Sharing difficulties in confidence with a trained and skilled counsellor • Having the time, opportunity and space to explore different ways of looking at the problem. • Gaining insight and, in time, a clearer perspective, which may resolve or reduce difficulties and frustrations. • Developing self-awareness.

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