Welcome to Talaash Association

  • Greetings from the TALAASH team!

    Talaash came into existence because of the word-spark ‘NIMTEER’ given by one of my strong supporters. Although humankind is endowed with immense resources and has registered dazzling technological achievements, the fact that no one is in the driver's seat or in charge of social issues leaves people feeling powerless.

    N – Need to I – Integrate your M – Motives in T – Tactical manner to achieve E – Eagerly and E – Earnestly to R – Reform the society
  • Ideas and Actions

    Individuals have the power to move mountains and influence policy-making. Volunteerism is partly a response to these challenges, and a solution to the increasing need of every citizen to take concrete action. All social movements have started with ideas and actions by individuals. Human capital is still humankind's most powerful source of change and well-being of humankind. When several people take action in the same direction, such as within the social volunteer movement, diverse backgrounds and experiences are combined; they make it possible to step out from conventional patterns of answers in order to make a society where every woman and child can live with dignity…

On going impact